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Repute Steel and Engineering Co. is one of Leading Manufacturer, Suppliers & Exporter of Copper and alloy products in India.We offer high quality products and carry well maintained inventory ready for immediate delivery to any location. Our products comply with the major international standards like ASTM, UNS and other standards.We offer a wide range of products including copper pipes,tubes,rods,copper strip,copper plate,flexible copper shunts,welding electrode cap tips,copper alloy conducting shaft and so on.


Range: 15 NB UP TO 1200 NB IN SCH 5S, 10S,10, 20, 40S, 40, STD, 60, 80S, 80, XS, 100, 120, 140, 160 & XXS.
Form: Seamless / Erw / Welded in Round & Square.
Copper Alloy : ASTM / ASME SB 111 UNS NO. C 10100, 10200, 10300, 10800, 12000,12200, 70600, 71500 . ASTM / ASME SB 466 UNS NO. C 70600 ( CU -NI- 90/10), C 71500 ( CU -NI- 70/30)

Application of Copper and Copper Alloys

Copper and Copper Alloys are suitable for a wide range of applications due to various distinguishing characteristics such as corrosion resistance,strength,ductility and many other features makes it widely used metal globally.

Copper and copper alloys have applicarion in many areas such as construction,oil and gas,electric products,consumer products,power plants,heat exchangers and so on.

Various key properties such as ductility,toughness,malleability make copper extremely suitable for wire drawing,tube forming,spinning and deep drawing.Copper also has good machinability and excellent electrical conductivity due to which it is used widely in various industries.

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